Welcome to Harefjorden!
Harefjorden is located between Säffle in the south and the Glafsfjorden in the north. It is mostly known for its abundance of zander, but there are also good stocks of perch and pike. Also asp, bream, roach, crucian and tench can get on the hook.
Harefjorden is a lake in the municipality Säffle in Värmland and belongs to the river system of the Götaälv. The lake is up to 9 m deep, has an area of ​​15.6 sq km and is located 45 m above sea level. The lake is flooded by the watercourse Byälven (Kölaälven).
Rules for fishing:
The fishing card is only for fishing with the rod. Fishing with net is only permissible for persons with fishing rights (landowners) or owners of family cards for locals or owner of a holiday home, who can buy a permission to fish with a net.
It is forbidden in the period from 25.04 to 15.06 inclusive to fish zander. In the prohibition period (closed season) captured zander must be reset.
Minimum mass: Zander – 45 cm, salmon + lake trout – 60 cm. Undersized fish must be reset!
Catching of asp, eel and crabs is prohibited all year round.
When fishing from the boat a maximum of 4 baits may be used simultaneously.
Rule 1: Maximum 3 pike per person per day
Rule 2: No more than 2 rods per person per boat
Rule 3: A maximum of 4 zander per boat with multiple anglers
No fishing license is required until the age of 15.
Annual pass: 220 SEK
Monthly card: 100 SEK
Day ticket: 40 SEK
Ice fishing: 120 SEK (only for ice fishing with 1 fishing rod (pimpel)). (Does not apply before a closed ice cover is present or after the ice has thawed).
Family ticket 300 SEK (valid 1 year)
Sold at:
Tourist office in Säffle, ICA Vikinghallen in Värmlands Nysäter, Hantverkscafét in Värmlands Nysäter and iFiske.se (here you can also find information about boat ramps etc.)